About the Cargo

اذهب الى الأسفل

About the Cargo

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In addition to the obligation to take good care to make the ship seaworthy, the Rules also impose an obligation on the carrier to take good care to look after the cargo from the time it is entrusted to him until the time that it is delivered to the receiver (sea Hugue Rules, Article3,Rule2). If the cargo, at the time of delivery, is lost or damaged, the carrier will be called upon to explain how the loss or damage occured........The period of time during which the carrier must take good care of the cargo can only be determined by looking at many different factors. The relevant contracts (for example, the charterparty and bill of lading) will usually determine the period of time during which the carrier remains responsible for the cargo. However, local laws may override or refuse to recognise contractual provisions which conflict with local regulations or practice.......The obligation on the carrier is to do every thing necessary to deliver the cargo to the receiver in as good condition as when it was entrusted to the carrier, the carrier, therefore, must ensure that all cargo handling operations, including the loading, stowing, carrying and discharging, are done properly and carefully. Moreover, the carrier must ensure that the cargo is properly cared for and kept so that the condition of the cargo is maintained. The master should be fully aware of any special attention that the cargo may require. Information and instructions with regard to the treatment of cargo should be sought in writing from the shipper. If the master has any reservations about this information, he should request the assistance of the shipowner or their local agents who may appoint an indepedent surveyor or expert. The master should ensure that all the crew members are also aware of their individual reponsibilities concerning the cargo operations, in particulars, with regard to the supervision and control of stevedores and the stowage and securing of the cargo

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